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Monday, 5-Dec-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Sonasty - Sona's birthday & Nasty's meeting

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It was Sona's brrfday & so we're celebrating with our honorable guess 'Nasty' from Paris. He doesnt need an introduction. This is not his 1st time here either. He loves Murtabak & Ramly Burger. Then we're go bombing, then we're got chased by cops. Nasty was truly practising his Yamakasi moves, in split second he was gone left us running like Sesame Street puppets. 3 of us in police station & me lost somewhere, More from Apek here:

A hint from the cop saying we shuda ask permission offically for the wall but hell we all know in Malaysia that gonna takes til pigs can fly for the approval & when they can fly its even worse for street artists i guess. Till next time from your public art curator, SWS.

Check out the sensation in NY & San Francisco where giant corporate company Sony pay street artists to paint/stick their campaign on the streets & the consequences from it. Not talking abt the cops but integrity, subconsciously your ass owned by the giants.

Tuesday, 15-Nov-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Singapore Trip 2005 pt.3

The room
the toy inside the room
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11th Friday, Woke up late cuz of the late session last night. Dissapointed didnt get to meet Mode2. Play PS2 in the room. Went to Boatkie? Sona, Bony & another guy got an interview with local TV station Suria. Me & Ork tagged along. The river at Boatkie was beautiful. Nice place to chill. After that we're off for dinner & meet Psyco, Sen,DSM of ProjectBurnerz & others. It's nice to meet them. I think it's the 2nd or 3rd time i met them since our last bombing session in KL. The guys was fun. & then we're off back home. KGB called & we plan slip into the IDN DesignEdge conference again tomorrow. Nothing much happen today.

12th Saturday (climax)
Woke up. Went to McDonald's & having breakfast meals. Malaysia's breakfast meal are way better. They only give Garlic Chilli which is weird. Off we go to DesignEdge again but this time we plan to slip inside. Thx to COA kids for the passes. This time there was a band playing live at the Phunkstudio section. Met Juan at the UsedAgain Booth & met Darbot of tembokbombers.com, See the long que for our man KGB,.....Zero ^_^' & Lmac. Thx to KGB for telling me Mode2 was around so i approach him. Just as soon as i flash my camera, he back up slowly as if i'm taking out a gun to shoot him but i keep my camera aside & rephrase my steps. & so at fudgin last i met Mode2. He gave his 1st words first. If he sees anybody with sketchbook or camera he'll just walk off. He don't want all this crap. He even told me he don't like conferences or events like this. I understand. I told him he inspires me to start graff. He said dont just do characters, do other stuff as well. i just nod my head most of the time & looking at him the way he talks & i thought, shit i can't believe i'm talking to Mode2 seh!,..... at the same time he was still talking but i'm not sure about what. I was still mesmerised. After while i don't want him to get bored of my lame questions & i shook his hand. Mode2's hand. he told me after this he's going to Germany. Not France because of riots & UK because of bad transportation,..not sure what that means & my quest finally over. I HAVE MET MODE2 suaaaaa. I gave him my stickers.

Later me & the rest of Artvsts went to FarEast Plaza again for dinner. I met with KGB's friends Suzuka & Tutu from Indonesia (lovely couple) & Darbot again during dinner. Next is the most freakiest thing happened. Dig this. After dinner i descended the escalator & i saw Delta & his wife or gf shopping. He shaved his beard. Another few steps infront Kostas pass by me & i was like whoah pt.2, then while waiting for Suzuka & Tutu, there goes Rostarr & Mode2 talking to each other passing by me. What the fudge just happened? It is as if they were coreographed to walk pass by me one after another? WTF!!!!!!!!! T_T

We went to Kostas Seremetis's Black Museum exhibition at Surrender's gallery & later back to StreetTease at Bugis Street, had a fun time talking to people there Artvsts, Blokka, Trase, Suzuka & Tutu. KGB had to go back cuz too exhausted of the conference. Everything was cool on that day, I can't believe what i had today i think the best holiday i had, compares to the previous years. YEAH! Heartfelt gratitute to Ork for being my guide there most of the time & Artvsts for their time & stays at the studio. Zul, Wak, Hazni, Phuek, Sue, Imran, Zack. Hari ni aku kerja doh! Thx to Boon for driving me back & forth to my house >_< ...SWS is having live painting & exhibition at Qbar, Sunway Pyramid tonight. It's for close function. Anybody wants to gatecrash email Drew. drewfunk@yahoo.com

Monday, 14-Nov-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Singapore trip 2005 pt.2

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10th, Thursday, me, Ork & Wak went to DesignEdge conference. We bought 1 day tix, my intention was to meet with Mode 2 but got the wrong person. Major embarassment. Met Faile, Rostarr, Kostas. Yok, Lmac, Juan & other cool cats, i think Kostas like my stickers ^_^. Rostarr was the most friendliest artist in there & Faile works rocks. I miss Mode2 & Delta speech in the morning cuz woke up late but its alright. Later 3 of us went to Far East Plaza & some other places. In Far East i bought the Misfit's Slip On at last. Lotsuv really cool shops in FarEastPlaza. Went back to the studio & before i got time to put my tired ass down we're off again out to Myter Hotel to meet with Delta, Mode2, Yok,Lmac & the rest & some of the ppl are from MoWax & Maharishi. This is a secret joint not many ppl know. We did some fast throw ups. The Maiter hotel was cool. It's an old building that look like its going to crumble down if somebody sneezes. Mode2 passes by me 20 cm away when Delta & the rest was going off...still didnt get the chance to meet him. Kgb & Ork singing out loud to MyChemicalRomance in Imran's car in an empty streets in the morning. Extremely tired & fun, went back, shower, sleep.........to be continued.

Sunday, 13-Nov-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Singapore Trip 2005 pt.1

Stickers for Singapore tour
Drawn on big sticker paper
& for giveaways....
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My short holiday in Singapore starts on 8th Nov, Tuesday night & reached Singapore sumwhere around 5a.m 9th Wed. Puduraya food is worst than prisoner food. Had a bad stomach ached off & on by the time reaching Singapore. The 1st people of Artvsts i met when i reach the studio was Mr.Zero & Mr.Blokka doing their work till morning. Next was 1.2Delta under the blanket couldnt sleep. Singapore is clean, too clean. Go for StreetTease event at Bugis street, glad to see the rest of the Artvsts members. Went to KGB fav hangout spot to chill. Not enough sleep, hot weather, tired equals to migraine. I didnt get to see the guys finishing the work, went back to the studio & sleep my ass off but couldnt cuz migraine is here to stay. Orkibal snores. Blokka snores thus Panadol Quick Relief wasnt quick enough, head throbs but slowly fading off next morning. They have coupla nice cats hanging around but didnt know their name. Besides staying at Artvsts studio, meeting the artists, jalan jalan, another reason i was there was Mode 2. ........to be continued

Monday, 31-Oct-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Happy Deepavali, Selamat Hari Raya & Happy Helloween

the making 1
the making 2
the making 3
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Our tour guide Perez OS showing the best canvas in Shah Alam. We luv you!
many thanks for the spot, the ride,the headbanging metal-madness, the box & the pix!
Our pre-celebration party. Enjoy the festivities people! from your friendly
neighbourhood 'SWS' & drive safely! The ninjas:
http://aeroghost.blogspot.com/ | http://ilovesona.blogspot.com/ | http://vdsoul.blogspot.com/

Due to the Halloween i did a 3 mini zombie comic...Jombie:

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