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Tuesday, 17-May-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
SWS Tiki Cans

SWS Tiki Cans characters. Coming soon. 80% finishing....
Top to bottom: Drew1, VDS, Shieko & Sona.

By the way, got this in my email early in the morning
from Peelzine, "Ban comic Sans"

you need to log in to read the whole article.
just a pull quote from the article.

"When it comes to font rants, though, nothing is quite as bizarre as
the Ban Comic Sans movement. Comic Sans is a jaunty-looking font, offered
gratis to rebels and free spirits by a little outfit called Microsoft.
According to the Ban Comic Sans Web site, the spread of this childish
font in inappropriate places threatens "to erode the very foundations upon
which centuries of typographic history are built."
What is to be done? The Ban Comic Sans manifesto summons "the
proletariat around the globe to aid us in this revolution" and "to rise up in revolt against this evil of
typographical ignorance."

please check out our site again or for the first time.
thank you for your support.

have a comic sans free day.



Im really a big fan of Mr.Michael Lau, his creations inspired my Vector art as well,
here's the latest work by him, Mr. Shoes....as always, lovely....


Monday, 16-May-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Monday moooooneeeeeennnnggg......*Gwen

Its muthafooshin Monday, im not feelin blue, u feeling blue?
here s a recent pix of a collabo between McYan, Mist & Tilt....

Its frustrating where i work now, i cant update/edit my supasonik site...
sigh...i be spending some time here updating my fotopages instead....
Ma mère a dit que je peux le faire

Some quotes from Miss Swoon-
"Pay attention to your surroundings"

"To me the beauty with street art has a lot to do with the openness in the spaces in which it is created, in the random elements it is subject to, the decay and the change and impermanence."

Read her interview here: http://spectraz.com/swoon.htm

Friday, 13-May-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark

Above is a pix of Mist i found sumwhere with his character Malus...
& Mr.Papriko san's artwork. You can check Paprikosan's at stickernation.com
Arigato ne Papriko san...for the stickers of course....

I'm writing this during my lunch break. Oh well...
I just wanna write about how non artistic/discouraging/unspired environment
that i've been living thru aeveryday. From my house to work Sri Hartamas,
Pusat Bandar, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur to Malacca, basically, everywhere i go & been
there's nothing visually inspired. Why? If you dig deeper, of course
you'l find that here we're not visually driven culture or background.
Compared to the French or Japanese. Now, fellow artists
who did their paintings for National Art Gallery plz dont be mad, cuz i respect
you guys but you guys can do better to do your thing on the street for the public.

This is exactlyfooshinly where the street art fell into. It's true what they say
the more you travel the more you'll see things. That's why i think not many people
here travel. Well, the thing is many other place if you go even by internet
some will inspire you. Street art in Malaysia is so so new. People who have done it
legitly or ask for permission doesnt count cuz so far there's very little of this art
been sighted here in KL especially. It has to be artisitc driven, original
& even better with a message & of course you dont have to ask for permission.
The red tape here is famous for killing time, its their art they masters.
I wish to see more people doing street art here, but have a strong ethic
like dont go vandal public property. Cuz the art is meant for the public.
Why let the advertisers flooded our world with billboards & other media
promoting big brands where you yourself can promote whatever you want,
your art, your name,...

Shit, i think the efect from the drug i took just kick in..heh...

Hmm,..& one more think, to some people who limit themselves, plz dun jealous
cuz stencils is one excellent medium to convey your message.
It is like saying fuck acrylics or fuck watercolor....
Dont limit your self to any medium, heh, thats what my art teacher told me...

Anyways....before i start work back again, i better surf to more inspiring sites...
& ah, Feel Good Inc by Gorrilaz & DeLaSoul rocks,...eventho i expect to
see more on the vclips like 19/200...Anyways Jamie Hewlett is one of the fella
that inspires me.....

Ngaaaa.....ngaaaaaaa........& hava nice weekend....

Monday, 9-May-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Killer Gerbil remix Shieko remix The Killer Gerbil


Tuesday, 12-Apr-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
KFC = Konghei Fat Choi

This sketches was done before chinese nuyear for friends.

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